Fri, June 14, 2024   
Do you know much about coffee? Come visit Cap Kuda coffee school and you will discover boundless information of coffee via factory tours, hands-on coffee making, video presentation and tasting endless cups of coffee beverages from all over the world!
This is a new direction for like-minded enthusiasts in search of a venue for social interaction while enjoying a good cup of coffee. As well, the coffee school will serve as extra curricular activities for school students of all ages, whilst its professional espresso courses will provide vocational training for those interested in working in café industry.
Visitations can be arranged individually or in groups, through Miss Jean Lai, Training Coordinator on 088 428 468.
Past Visitation
Sabah Agricultural Board
Ministry of Industrial Development
Japanese School
We have courses provided to coffee enthusiastics, to equip them with the knowledge of coffee. Click here to view the courses that are available.