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The unique flavour enjoyed for decades by Sabahans & Malaysia alike!
How the coffee is made from bean to powder, on site through age-old procedures of double roasting & caramelized heating!
On Borneo's coffee history & understand the culture intertwined with Mount Kinabalu's unique landscape & people.
About Borneo's indigenous coffee planting projects to produce world's exclusive coffee beans.
Bottomless coffee and bring back free Borneo coffee samples!
1: Borneo Coffee Experience Tour
Preliminary: "Guided Tour" Postcard Ticket
9.00am: Arrival at Factory
9.15am: Welcome reception at Coffee School
9.20am: Brief Introduction & Coffee Serving
10.00am: Factory Tour*
11.00am: Back to Coffee School for brief discussion
11.20am: Shopping at Showroom
11.30am: Departure from Factory
Factory Tour Details:  
1st Station: Coffee Tree - Robusta & Excelsa
Approximately 5 minutes
2nd Station: Roasting Plant - See trasnformation of 60kg raw beans from green to fully roasted
Approximately 15 minutes
3rd Station: Kopi-O Cooking - 300°C - See caramelization of sugar, cooking of coffee & wheat
Approximately 20 minutes
4th Station: Grinding Station - From beans to powder
Approximately 5 minutes
5th Station:

Packing Station - Automatic machine packing

Approximately 5 minutes
Miscellaneous: Approximately 10 minutes
2: Borneo Coffee Hands-on Program
(Involve in ACTUAL Roasting & Kopi-O Cooking)
Preliminary: "Guided Tour" Postcard Ticket & Leaflet
9.00am: Arrival at Factory
9.15am: Brief Introduction & Coffee Serving
9.20am: Work Procedure & Safety Introduction
10.00am: Actual Hands-On Program * - Roasting
11.30am: Back to Coffee School for brief discussion
12.00pm: Lunch
1.00pm: Actual Hands-On Program * - Cooking
2.30pm: Back to Coffee School for brief discussion
3.00pm: Souvenir taking & Wrap-Up
Hands-On Program Details:  

Learn to roast coffee beans using commercial roaster (under supervision) 2 x 60kg Bags

Approximately 90 minutes
Cooking: Learn to cook Kopi-O with commercial cooker (under supervision) 2 x woks ('kuali')
Approximately 90 minutes
Souvenir: Pack & take home up to 5kg roasted beans or Kopi-O as you wish; results of your own hard work!
Past Tour Visits
Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore
Chinese Chambers Women Group

School tour presented by CKCC were on the news! Have you seen it? Click here to view the newspaper article. (Image file)

Click here to view the newspaper article from Shih Hua Daily 5th Sept 2005